AI chatbots are making their way into workplaces, but their presence doesn’t necessarily equate to a threat to your job.

Artificial Intelligence chatbots have become ubiquitous, capturing the imagination of both the public and countless Silicon Valley innovators and investors, particularly since the introduction of ChatGPT approximately a year ago.

The remarkable human-like capabilities of conversational AI, a subset of artificial intelligence that empowers computers to process and generate human language, have generated widespread optimism about their potential to revolutionize workplaces and enhance productivity.

In what may mark a global first, a UK school has appointed an AI chatbot in the role of a “principal headteacher” to assist its headmaster. While the specifics about the AI’s underlying technology remain undisclosed, the chatbot’s intended purpose is to provide guidance to staff on matters such as assisting students with ADHD and formulating school policies.

However, before integrating chatbots into the workplace, it is imperative to grasp what they are, how they function, and how to employ them in a responsible manner.

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