The organizers of the pro-Palestine march in London are concerned that the Metropolitan Police may be considering a potential prohibition on the event.

The Metropolitan police appeared to be teetering on the edge of prohibiting the planned pro-Palestine march in London on Saturday. They justified this by stating that holding a protest on Remembrance Day would be inappropriate and could pose a risk of violence.

Following a meeting between the protest organizers and the Metropolitan Police, a statement was released on Monday, attributed to the deputy assistant commissioner, Ade Adelekan. It expressed concern about the increasing risk of violence and disorder associated with potential breakaway groups.

Adelekan emphasized the significance of the upcoming busy weekend in the capital and conveyed a clear message to the organizers, urging them to reconsider their plans. The authorities deemed it unsuitable to conduct any protests in London during this particular weekend. It was reported that the organizers had declined an appeal to delay the march.

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