In a Black Friday deal on Amazon, the price of the Apple Watch Series 9 has been reduced to $349.

Despite being only a few months old, the Apple Watch Series 9 is already available at a discounted price. You can now purchase this smartwatch for $349 on Amazon or Walmart as part of an early Black Friday deal, down from the standard price of $399, offering a savings of $50 or a 13 percent discount. This promotion applies to the 41mm model, and it encompasses various band and color options. The larger 45mm model is also on sale, though priced at $379.

Our review of the Apple Watch Series 9 highlighted its many positive features. The newly-introduced double-tap feature is genuinely useful, the health and fitness tracking capabilities remain top-notch, and the voice control options are highly effective, particularly with Siri integrated directly into the watch. In the past, the watch relied on your phone for Siri responses, resulting in improved speed and efficiency.

This update has unlocked numerous new use cases for the watch. You can inquire about various health metrics, fitness goals, and even your sleep duration. Activating the digital assistant is as simple as raising the watch to your mouth or using the familiar “Hey Siri” command. Some minor issues were noted, especially with the former method, but these are expected to be resolved with a forthcoming software update.

One slight drawback we observed was the watch’s battery life, which typically lasts between 12 to 18 hours, depending on usage. This can affect its sleep-tracking capabilities, as it needs to be charged, and this may disrupt its 24-hour functionality. While the original $400 price tag may have given some potential buyers pause, this sale certainly alleviates that concern.

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