Airline personnel from Bonza were transported to the hospital following an incident of ‘unexpected turbulence’ during a flight.

Bonza airline staff were hospitalized as a precautionary measure after a flight encountered “unexpected turbulence” yesterday. The flight, which departed Rockhampton at 3:35 pm en route to the Sunshine Coast, experienced the incident during its journey. Following a safe landing at Sunshine Coast Airport, Bonza’s CEO, Tim Jordan, confirmed that some crew members were taken to the hospital for assessment.

Jordan stated, “Last night, a flight from Rockhampton to the Sunshine Coast experienced unexpected and severe turbulence, leading some Bonza crew members needing to be assessed at Sunshine Coast University Hospital. All crew members were cleared to return home last night, and no customers reported injuries. Our priority is always the safety of our staff and customers, and we will be supporting our in-flight legends as needed.”

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