A Russian actress tragically loses her life in a drone strike while entertaining troops.

A Ukrainian drone strike claimed the life of Russian actress Polina Menshikh, who was performing for troops, according to her theatre. The airstrike occurred on November 19 in an occupied village in eastern Ukraine, approximately 60km from the front line, during a military holiday celebration for Russian soldiers. While Ukraine reported around 20 Russian soldiers killed in the attack, Russian authorities have not commented. A video circulating on social media captures Menshikh singing and playing the guitar before a blast interrupts the performance. Despite hospitalization, Menshikh succumbed to her injuries. The theatre company Portal, affiliated with Menshikh, announced plans to commemorate her during an upcoming performance of a play she had previously directed. The drone attack took place in the Donetsk region, an area occupied by Russia since 2014 and marked by intense fighting between Ukrainian and Russian forces in recent months.

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