Woolworths faces criticism for its perceived ‘woke’ Christmas initiative.

Australians have criticized Woolworths for being overly ‘woke’ after the supermarket opted to rename gingerbread men as gingerbread people. Woolworths is now offering a 12-pack of the popular gingerbread treats for $4.50, along with an individual gingerbread person priced at $1.75. The controversy erupted when a shopper shared a photo of the renamed product on Reddit, commenting, “Woolworths has renamed their biscuits Gingerbread ‘people.’ Apparently Gingerbread ‘man’ isn’t woke enough.” Public opinion on the decision varies, with some supporting the move and others expressing frustration, questioning when such changes will cease. One individual humorously suggested, “Woolworths should be forced to rename this item to Gingerbread Non-Specific living or non-living entity, which is the correct inclusive language.” Amidst the debate, some argued that focusing on gingerbread nomenclature seemed trivial compared to other pressing concerns.

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