McDonald’s is set to introduce a trial of a retro-style store called ‘CosMc’s,’ but there are currently no intentions to expand this concept to Australia.

McDonald’s is unveiling a novel retro-style restaurant named CosMc’s, emphasizing coffee and specialty beverages in a strategic move to compete with rivals like Starbucks. The fast-food giant will initiate the CosMc’s trial in Bolingbrook, Illinois, this month, with plans to introduce 10 additional stores in Texas next year.

As of now, McDonald’s Australia has no intentions of introducing CosMc’s Down Under. The menu for this venture includes specialty lemonades, teas, and blended drinks featuring unique flavors like “Churro frappe,” “Turmeric Spiced Latte,” and “Popping Pear Slush.” Additionally, a limited selection of savory items, including familiar offerings like the Egg McMuffin, will be available.

Inspired by a space alien character from McDonald’s late 1980s commercials, the concept aims to offer a beverage-centric experience in a small-format setting. McDonald’s stated, “CosMc’s seamlessly blends brand-new, otherworldly beverage creations with a small lineup of food, including a select few McDonald’s favorites – all designed to boost your mood into the stratosphere, if only for a few moments.”

The pilot phase will determine the success of CosMc’s, with plans for expansion to the Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio metro areas in early 2024 if the trial proves successful.

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