Widespread power outages affect thousands, prompting the declaration of total fire bans due to the onslaught of extreme heat.

Inland Australia is grappling with severe heat, causing power outages, heightened bushfire risks, and potential record-breaking temperatures, particularly impacting New South Wales and South Australia. Challenging weather conditions in South Australia have left thousands without power, with firefighters battling to control bushfires ignited by over 30,000 lightning strikes in the past 24 hours. Although more than 13,000 homes experienced power losses, approximately 7,800 are still without electricity, and restoration is not expected until 2 am. While containment efforts have successfully dealt with numerous fires, heightened fire danger persists, especially in regions like the Eastern Eyre Peninsula and Flinders, where catastrophic fire warnings have been issued. The forecast includes temperatures soaring into the mid-40s, accompanied by strong to gale-force winds reaching up to 90 km/h. Additional areas, such as the North East Pastoral and Mount Lofty Ranges, face extreme fire danger. Widespread thunderstorms also raise concerns about lightning-triggered bushfires. Although a grassfire in Wirraminna poses an advisory threat, no homes are currently endangered. As the heatwave envelops the entire country, certain regions are bracing for record-breaking temperatures, with a total fire ban already implemented in five NSW regions for the following day.

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