Apple discontinues support for third-party apps enabling iMessage on Android.

Apple released a statement explaining that it took measures to safeguard user security by blocking techniques exploiting fake credentials for iMessage access, citing risks such as metadata exposure and vulnerability to unwanted messages, spam, and phishing attacks. The company emphasized ongoing efforts to implement changes for user protection. This announcement coincided with the cessation of Beeper Mini, the latest app facilitating iMessage on Android. Despite persistent user requests, Apple has resisted extending iMessage to Android for nearly a decade, with some arguing that this absence compromises cross-platform messaging security. Apple recently committed to supporting RCS (rich communication services) in the coming year, offering an enhanced texting experience between platforms. Beeper, founded by Eric Migicovsky, remains committed to overcoming Apple’s restrictions, with Beeper Mini focused on direct connections to Apple services for heightened security, while Beeper Cloud employs third-party servers.

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