Four people were injured in Kyiv as a result of a ballistic missile strike by Russia, according to Ukraine.

Ukraine successfully intercepted missiles launched by Russia on Monday in an attack on Kyiv, resulting in at least four individuals sustaining injuries from debris in various districts of the capital, as per officials’ reports.

The Ukrainian Air Force, communicating through the Telegram messaging app, disclosed that their air defense systems thwarted eight ballistic missiles launched by Russia around 4 a.m. (0200 GMT) over Kyiv. Reuters, however, could not independently verify the specific air weapons used by Russia. Witnesses reported several explosions in Kyiv during the same timeframe. Russia had not commented on the attacks at the time of reporting.

Throughout the 22 months of the conflict, Russia predominantly utilized Iranian-made Shahed attack drones or cruise missiles. These missiles, propelled by jet engines, could be launched from ground, air, or sea, and typically flew at low altitudes. In contrast, ballistic missiles, defined as rocket-propelled self-guided strategic weapons systems, follow an arched trajectory, ascending before descending towards their target, according to the U.S. Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation.

Mayor Vitali Klitschko reported that four individuals in the Darnitskyi district in the southeastern part of Kyiv received medical attention. Among them, a 21-year-old man sustained shrapnel injuries to his lower limbs, while three women experienced acute stress reactions. Emergency services swiftly addressed a fire ignited in the southwestern district of Holosiivskyi, caused by a missile fragment landing on a residential building’s roof.

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