According to Husic, small businesses lack a comprehensive understanding of artificial intelligence.

The Australian federal government is allocating $17 million to support the upskilling of small businesses in artificial intelligence (AI), with Industry and Science Minister Ed Husic set to announce this initiative while assessing the necessity of new AI laws and regulations. The funding will establish up to five AI Adopt centers across the country, serving as gateways for businesses seeking AI training and utilization. These centers aim to address Australia’s low global ranking in business AI adoption by offering specialized training to eligible businesses at no cost. Husic highlighted the uncertainty among small businesses regarding the optimal integration of AI into their operations. This move aligns with ongoing global developments in AI, where major tech companies are rapidly advancing their products despite concerns about automation-related job losses, socioeconomic inequality, and algorithmic bias. Governments worldwide are actively considering regulatory frameworks for AI, with the Australian government launching an inquiry earlier in the year to explore the necessary measures for ensuring safe development and usage of AI.

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