The global climate summit has entered overtime due to intense disagreements over fossil fuels, causing a delay in reaching a consensus. The bitter divisions among participating nations have hindered the timely formulation of an agreement.

The global climate summit is now in overtime without a finalized agreement, as nations remain deeply divided over whether to move away from fossil fuels. Negotiators, engaged in last-minute discussions, are striving to incorporate more ambitious language to address the root causes of the climate crisis. The most recent version of the COP28 summit’s main agreement, released on Monday, eliminated earlier commitments to phase out fossil fuels, provoking frustration among certain nations and advocates. While over 100 countries advocate for some form of fossil fuel phase-out, the revised draft suggests potential actions that countries “could” take to reduce emissions, including measures like limiting the production and consumption of oil, coal, and gas. Despite COP28 President Sultan al-Jaber’s ambitious deadline for a comprehensive agreement, the summit officially surpassed its deadline by 6 pm in Dubai, amid criticisms that oil interests have impeded the negotiation process.

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