The shift in energy dynamics is evident as brown coal reaches a new low in Victoria, while renewables achieve a new high in New South Wales.

As the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) presented its draft 2024 Integrated System Plan (ISP), recent energy generation milestones in Victoria and New South Wales underscore the dynamic transformations unfolding in Australia’s energy landscape.

In Victoria, a noteworthy development occurred on Saturday (December 16) at 10:55 am (AEST), when the output of brown coal reached a historic low of 1,604 MW. This marked a reduction of 62.04 MW from the previous record set over a year ago on October 30, 2022, signaling the ongoing shift towards renewable energy in both Victoria and the nation as a whole. The impact of rooftop solar is evident in the accompanying graph.

Simultaneously, amidst a scorching week in New South Wales, a new peak in Native Demand, including behind-the-meter Rooftop PV, was recorded on Thursday, December 14, at 15:25 (AEST), reaching 14,867.7 MW. This represented an increase of 226.7 MW from the previous peak recorded almost four years ago on January 31, 2020.

On another sweltering day in NSW that followed, the state achieved new highs in Renewable Energy (8,711 MW), variable renewable energy (wind and solar – 8,586 MW), and rooftop PV (4,538 MW). These milestones underscore the increasing prominence of renewable sources in the energy mix.

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