Introducing Magoo, the heroic helicopter pilot credited with rescuing 16 individuals stranded on a pub roof amid flooding in Far North Queensland.

Bret Little, the Far North helicopter pilot affectionately known as “Magoo,” emerged as an unexpected hero when he saved more than a dozen lives from the rooftop of a pub engulfed by rapidly rising floodwaters. Despite not being initially called for the rescue at the Lion’s Den Hotel, Magoo happened to be passing by while en route to pick up a policeman in response to reports of a possible drowning. As he flew over the submerged pub, with the water perilously close to overflowing, Magoo decided to embark on the mission. Meanwhile, on the ground, Rossville musician Gavin Dear and his friends were already aiding those stranded in trees due to the escalating flood. Dear, who had rescued two people, expressed admiration for Magoo, proclaiming him as the true hero of the unfolding drama.

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