A Singaporean tourist in a Kuala Lumpur mall had a Christmas tree unexpectedly fall on their head.

In Petaling Jaya, a Singaporean man’s Christmas celebration took a distressing turn as he sustained injuries when a hanging decorative Christmas tree fell on his head from the ceiling of a shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur. Mr. Julius Lee, 44, was capturing moments of his wife Aileen Tan, and their child at Pavilion KL when the incident occurred.

While Mr. Lee was outside the merry-go-round taking a family photo, a Christmas tree unexpectedly tumbled onto him. Aileen Tan, 39, recounted the incident, stating, “It happened so fast. Thankfully, my child was with me. The Christmas tree would’ve hit my child if she was in the stroller.” She expressed gratitude that her daughter was unharmed.

Following the incident, Mr. Lee, who suffered a bruise on his head, was promptly taken to the clinic by the mall’s management. The couple had arrived in Malaysia on December 20 with their three-year-old daughter to celebrate Christmas.

The fallen Christmas tree was quickly removed, and the affected area was secured by mall security and management.

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