Over 20 individuals sustain injuries as a New York City subway train derails after colliding with another train.

On Thursday (Friday AEDT), a New York City subway train derailed following a low-speed collision with another train, resulting in over 20 individuals sustaining minor injuries and causing significant service disruptions across Manhattan during the afternoon rush hour, as reported by authorities.

The incident occurred around 3 pm (7 am AEDT) on the Upper West Side, near the 96th Street station, involving a 1 train carrying approximately 300 passengers and an out-of-service Metropolitan Transportation Authority train with four workers on board, according to police and transit officials at the scene.

A “derailment” occurred when at least one wheel of a train left the track. The collision disrupted service on the 1, 2, and 3 lines in most of Manhattan, with MTA indicating that crews were working into Thursday night to clear the tracks. Authorities hoped to resume service by Friday morning’s commute, although there was no guarantee.

Photos shared on social media by city emergency management officials depicted the passenger train partially off the tracks in an area with a track-switching mechanism. Officials noted that there were no immediate signs of equipment failure, and investigators were examining whether human error played a role in the incident.

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