Microsoft customizes AI solutions specifically for finance teams.

Microsoft has unveiled a preview of an artificial intelligence tool designed for finance departments, as part of its strategy to tailor new software offerings to specific industries and professionals. The tool, named Microsoft Copilot for Finance, assists users in analyzing data sets for risks, generating reports from raw data, and managing tasks typically outsourced elsewhere.

While pricing and broader availability details were not disclosed, this new AI tool complements similar offerings marketed by Microsoft for sales and customer service teams. These typically come at a cost of US$20 ($30.77) per user per month, in addition to subscription fees for required software such as the US$30 Copilot for Microsoft 365.

Emily He, a corporate vice president at Microsoft, indicated that the company may develop future Copilots tailored for marketing and supply chain functions. This move expands Microsoft’s competition with Salesforce, which heavily focuses on these areas and recently announced its own AI assistant, Einstein Copilot.

During a media briefing in San Francisco, Microsoft demonstrated how its specialized AI could assist customers in generating emails and performing tasks, drawing from customer relationship management (CRM) systems developed by either Microsoft or Salesforce. Charles Lamanna, a corporate vice president at Microsoft, highlighted the potential for Copilot to streamline CRM usage, suggesting that sellers may rely on it instead of accessing the CRM directly in the future.

While these systems will continue to operate in the background, Lamanna noted that the business models supporting them could undergo significant changes.

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