Trump and Biden both clinch early victories in the presidential primaries on Super Tuesday, indicating a highly probable rematch of the 2020 election.

Donald Trump emerged as the dominant force in the Republican Super Tuesday primaries, all but guaranteeing a rematch of the 2020 presidential election against Joe Biden.

While Trump didn’t secure a clean sweep, he came remarkably close, securing victories in Alaska, California, Texas, Alabama, Colorado, Maine, Oklahoma, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Minnesota, and Massachusetts. Republican rival Nikki Haley managed to win in Vermont.

Of the 2,429 total delegates, 874 were at stake in the Republican primary on Super Tuesday, with 1,215 delegates required to clinch the nomination. Trump, who had already secured 757 delegates by Wednesday afternoon, was also anticipated to win in Utah.

In the Democratic primary, incumbent President Biden secured victories in all 15 states except for the US territory American Samoa, where he lost to Jason Palmer.

Although Alaskans participated in the Republican primary, their Democratic primary is scheduled for April.

Trump celebrated his victories at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, dubbing the day “Super Tuesday” and criticizing Joe Biden, whom he labeled as the “worst president” in history. He lamented the state of the country since leaving office, claiming it had lost respect internationally.

In his speech, Trump made no mention of his Republican rival Nikki Haley, who opted to watch the results from her home state instead of delivering a public address. Haley had pledged to remain in the race until the end, regardless of the outcome.

President Biden refrained from speaking publicly on the results, issuing a statement instead urging Americans against voting for Trump’s return to office in November.

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