Airbnb has implemented a global prohibition on using indoor security cameras across its platform.

Airbnb announced today its decision to globally prohibit the use of indoor security cameras in listings on its platform by the end of next month. The San Francisco-based rental platform aims to streamline its security camera policy while emphasizing privacy. Juniper Downs, Airbnb’s head of community policy and partnerships, stated, “These changes were made in consultation with our guests, Hosts, and privacy experts, and we’ll continue to seek feedback to help ensure our policies work for our global community.” Previously, Airbnb permitted indoor security cameras in common areas, provided their locations were disclosed on the listings page. However, under the updated policy, hosts can still use doorbell cameras and noise-decibel monitors in common spaces, with the condition that their presence is disclosed. Airbnb anticipates that the policy revision will affect a minority of hosts, as the majority of its listings do not feature indoor security cameras.

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