Dubai experiences flooding severe enough to transform planes into makeshift boats.

Dubai is hit by a fierce storm, bringing about “exceptional weather” conditions and resulting in travel chaos. Social media is flooded with dramatic footage showing Dubai International Airport submerged in water as heavy rain and thunderstorms batter the United Arab Emirates overnight, with further rainfall anticipated on Wednesday. Videos depict the airport tarmac resembling a marina, with planes navigating through the inundated area. One clip captures an Emirates plane surrounded by water at its gate, highlighting the challenges faced by the desert city as it contends with a year’s worth of rain in a single day, as reported by Sky News.

In response to the adverse weather conditions, Emirates Airlines announces delays and disruptions to multiple flights to and from Dubai International Airport. The airline temporarily suspends check-in for departing passengers from 8 am on April 17 until midnight due to operational challenges arising from the inclement weather and road conditions. However, passengers arriving in Dubai and those already in transit will continue to be processed for their flights, albeit with anticipated delays in departures and arrivals. Emirates assures affected customers of their efforts to restore scheduled operations and offers support while urging passengers to check the latest flight schedules. The airline apologizes for any inconvenience caused and encourages affected customers to reach out for assistance via direct message.

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