“Passengers find themselves marooned as an Australian airline contemplates its fate.”

Australia’s newest budget airline halted all flights on Tuesday, citing discussions on the “continuing viability” of its business model.

The abrupt move has stranded thousands of passengers nationwide, prompting rival airlines to step in.

Bonza marks the first carrier launch in Australia in 16 years, yet it faces a challenging landscape dominated by two major players, making aviation one of the country’s most concentrated industries, as noted by Australia’s consumer watchdog.

“We apologize to our affected customers and are working swiftly to chart a path forward that ensures ongoing competition in the Australian aviation market,” the airline stated.

Mel Watkins, scheduled for a family holiday in Launceston, expressed her disappointment to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), saying she felt “absolutely shattered” upon learning her flight was canceled. She had hoped to support a local carrier but now feels otherwise.

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