5 ChatGPT Prompts for Finding Profitable Startup Ideas

Everyone should use ChatGPT to generate business ideas. That was the conclusion of Wharton professor Christian Terwiesch after asking ChatGPT to generate 200 product ideas. The language model completed the task in just 15 minutes and produced better ideas than a group of business school students. However, ChatGPT has its limitations. In another study, researchers found that AI-generated solutions were more valuable, but human solutions were more innovative. Thus, instead of replacing human creativity, generative AI can enhance it.

ChatGPT is an efficient and relatively inexpensive collaborator. It can help you get the ball rolling, handling the heavy lifting during the ideation phase and giving you more bandwidth to evaluate, fine-tune, and implement ideas.

I’m a proponent of automating busy work, and my team regularly uses ChatGPT to brainstorm our next big idea. It doesn’t do the work for us, but it offers additional possibilities to consider. If you’re looking for a profitable startup idea, here are some ChatGPT prompts to get the wheels turning.

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