Closure of Off-Market Takeover Bid for Linden Gold Alliance Limited

Capitalized terms not defined in this announcement have the meanings given to them in the Bidder’s Statement.

Brightstar is pleased to announce that the Offers closed at 5:00 pm (Perth time) on Thursday, 30 May 2024, with Brightstar acquiring a relevant interest in 96.75% of Linden Shares and 96.81% of Linden Options. All conditions of the Offers were satisfied during the Offer Period, and the contracts resulting from acceptances were declared unconditional by notice on 22 May 2024.

In accordance with the timing set out in the Bidder’s Statement and subsection 620(2) of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), Brightstar will issue the Share Offer Consideration and Option Offer Consideration for the Accepted Linden Shares and Accepted Linden Options no later than 21 days after the end of the Offer Period, being 20 June 2024.

As announced on 28 May 2024, Brightstar has commenced the compulsory acquisition process for the remaining Linden Shares and Linden Options for which it has not received acceptances under the Offers.

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