Best Buy no longer offers repair services for Samsung phones.

Best Buy’s Geek Squad is reportedly discontinuing its dedicated Samsung repair service at Best Buy stores, according to The Verge. Under Samsung’s Authorized Service Provider (ASP) program, select Best Buy locations were able to repair phones using original Samsung parts, tools, and training, allowing users to schedule repair appointments online.

This change was revealed on a Geek Squad Reddit thread, where it was noted that Best Buy is ending the program. One user expressed disappointment, saying, “In my precinct, I was the only one disappointed because I really like doing Samsung repairs, while everyone else was happy.” Other employees were surprised the program hadn’t ended sooner, with one commenting, “I managed Geek Squad for close to 3 years, and they rolled out Samsung repairs to us about 6 months after I started. We had still not successfully completed a single repair when I left.”

The Verge further reports that Best Buy will now only repair Samsung devices purchased at their stores, and only for customers with Geek Squad Cell Phone Complete Protection insurance. Replacement parts will come at an additional cost, ranging from $199 to $249.

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