Peter Dutton states that the Coalition will not establish a 2030 climate target before the next election.

Peter Dutton has stated that the Coalition will not propose a 2030 climate target before the next federal election. On Saturday, the opposition leader announced his intention to campaign against Labor’s legislated goal of reducing emissions by 43 percent by 2030, claiming it was unattainable.

Coalition energy spokesperson Ted O’Brien indicated that an alternative plan would be presented “in due course.” However, on Tuesday, Mr. Dutton clarified that the Coalition would not set a new target while in opposition.

“We’ll make those decisions when we’re in government,” he said. “We’ll evaluate the economic conditions after the next election and make announcements accordingly.”

Mr. Dutton reaffirmed the Coalition’s commitment to the long-term goal of net zero emissions by 2050, asserting that the Coalition offers “the only credible path.” Nevertheless, any reduction in the 2030 interim target would conflict with the Paris climate agreement.

Dutton has downplayed this concern, arguing that the government is likely to miss its target and thus breach the Paris Agreement anyway. The absence of an alternative target risks further non-compliance with the Paris Agreement, as it could lead to exceeding Australia’s emissions “budget” allocated up to 2050. This budget is essential to the Paris commitment, alongside the goal of net zero by 2050.

Mr. Dutton emphasized his focus on economic conditions rather than international approval. “I’m not going to destroy the economy and send families bankrupt in the process of decarbonizing the economy,” he said.

While the Coalition has yet to outline any alternative short-term emissions reduction policies, it has opposed Labor’s vehicle efficiency standards and emissions cap for large industrial emitters. It has also promised to detail a plan for nuclear power in Australia, which experts believe would take at least a decade to implement.

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