McDonald’s Drive-Thru AI is McCanceled.

AI is such a big business right now that it has propelled Nvidia, the company you once knew for making your GeForce graphics cards, to become the biggest business in the world. Yet, the technology is still next to useless in all but the most specific circumstances. For example, McDonald’s has just announced it’s abandoning its disastrous experiment with AI after it turned out people didn’t want bacon on their ice cream.

Introduced in around 100 McDonald’s stores in 2022 (though fortunately not in Australia), the technology was supposed to revolutionize drive-thrus, with a magical robot listening to orders and processing them instead of a low-tech human being. However, it proved far worse, with orders going completely haywire. According to a report by Restaurant Business, the fast-food giant is ending the experiment for now.

The AI was developed for McDonald’s by IBM, but that partnership is now ending, with the AI drive-thrus being removed over the next month. For an example of how successful they were, just look at TikTok.

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