BOOTSTRAPPED SUCCESS: A new podcast, Unfunded, highlights startups thriving without venture capital.

So Unfunded, a new podcast by tech writer Joan Westenberg, is bound to be essential listening for those keen on maintaining a clean cap table. Westenberg has collaborated with The Day One Network, the team behind the podcast series on the history of the Australian startup ecosystem. She aims to share and celebrate the stories of founders who built their startups without relying on venture capital or external funding.

Unfunded celebrates the DIY ethos and the determination of founders who launch and grow their businesses on their own terms,” Westenberg said. “Each episode features interviews with successful founders who share their journeys of navigating startup growth, creating innovative products, finding target customers, and achieving profitability without external funding.”

In the first episode, Westenberg interviews Sheree Rubinstein, the founder of One Roof, a co-working space dedicated to women-led businesses. Rubinstein discusses her experience of pivoting from a physical space to a digital membership platform post-COVID, offering valuable insights on adaptability, community building, and resilience in entrepreneurship.

The second episode features Lucy Lloyd, co-founder of Mentorloop, who explains her decision to opt for a self-funded path and the challenges and pressures that come with it. Lloyd emphasizes the importance of authenticity, seeking external validation, and maintaining a balance between growth and profitability.

“Working with Day One to launch Unfunded has been an incredible journey. I’m proud to shine a light on the remarkable entrepreneurs who have created their own paths in a tech industry that has become too dependent on institutionalized venture capital,” Westenberg said. “Sheree and Lucy’s stories exemplify the grit and ingenuity required to build and scale a startup without conventional funding pathways. Their experiences offer a model for anyone looking to create a successful business on their own terms.”

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