Beauty Diary: Woolies is now selling the luxe-for-less beauty brand Châlon Paris.

You’d have to spend more than $10 to get to Paris, but for the same price, you can experience the scents of the city’s famous perfumeries in the beauty aisle at Woolies.

Entrepreneur Jaimee Lupton, the mastermind behind the affordable haircare brand Monday, has just launched a “premium hand and body care” brand called Châlon Paris.

Its products, including silky hand washes and moisturizing body lotions, are “luxuriously fragranced” by a leading Parisian perfumer.

Unlike a bottle of fancy perfume or an expensive trip to the French capital, these products cost just $10 each at Woolworths.

Ms. Lupton, who keeps costs down by “producing at scale,” decided to expand into affordable hand and body care because she knows “luxe-for-less” is what Aussie consumers want.

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