The Good Guys have been taken to court for allegedly failing to provide customers with the promised store credit.

Australia’s consumer watchdog, the ACCC, has taken the Good Guys to court, alleging the retailer ran misleading ads about store credit and failed to provide that credit to thousands of eligible customers. The ACCC is pursuing legal action over 116 promotions run by the Good Guys between July 2019 and August last year, in which they offered in-store credit or “StoreCash” to customers who spent certain amounts. The ACCC claims that the promotions made it seem that customers only needed to spend the set amount, when in reality, they also had to sign up for marketing messages. Additionally, the watchdog alleges that the credit lasted for little more than a week, despite being advertised as either not expiring or having a “reasonable period” before expiring. “We allege that the conditions for consumers to receive a store credit as part of the Good Guys’ promotions were not communicated adequately in the Good Guys’ marketing materials,” said ACCC Chair Gina Cass-Gottlieb.

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