A “skin” developed at the University of British Columbia offers prosthetics and robots a gentle, tactile sensation.

A groundbreaking technology developed in British Columbia is emulating human skin, opening up new horizons for individuals with prosthetics and enhancing human-robot interactions. This innovation involves an ultra-thin, flexible layer of silicone rubber brimming with sensory receptors, enabling it to perform intricate tasks. When applied to the fingertips of a prosthetic hand, this sensor-infused "skin" enables a prosthetic limb to delicately handle objects such as eggs, champagne flutes, and fruits. The creators of this technology believe it[more...]

Scaling Your Startup Like a Pro Tips and Tricks for Explosive Growth

Are you ready to take your scalability  startup to the next level? Scaling a startup can be a challenging endeavor, but with the right tips and tricks, you can achieve explosive growth and reach new heights of success. In this article, we will guide you through the process of scalability your startup like a pro. From creating a solid growth strategy to effectively managing resources, we will cover all the essential steps to help your business thrive.Our brand is all[more...]

Apple sets its sights on AI and gaming with the introduction of turbocharged M3 chips and a new lineup of Macs.

After enjoying years of robust sales and grappling with persistent supply chain shortages that sustained high demand, computing vendors have found themselves in a more challenging position. Over the past few financial quarters, the computing industry has faced significant challenges, with many tech vendors witnessing substantial declines, often exceeding 20 percent. Despite these weak sales, market leaders are unwavering in their commitment to innovation. This is primarily driven by the ever-increasing demands for software and gaming performance,[more...]

Maintaining fitness as you age can be achieved through a strength training exercise regimen.

Let's take a moment for some self-reflection. Raise your hand if you regularly find yourself climbing a flight of stairs. And how about carrying those heavy bags of groceries? Perhaps you're in the business of lifting your child or grandchild on a daily basis? It's likely that most of us would find ourselves raising our hands in acknowledgment of at least one of these activities, perhaps even on a weekly or daily basis. Now, as the years[more...]

The PwC partner at the heart of the tax advice scandal has been handed an eight-year ban by ASIC.

Australia's financial watchdog, ASIC, has imposed an eight-year ban on a former PwC partner who was at the center of a confidentiality scandal, which had severe repercussions for the firm, including a damaging reputation crisis and a costly sell-off. The individual in question, Peter John Collins of Sandringham in Victoria, faced allegations of sharing confidential government information concerning multinational tax avoidance with his colleagues. Eight years ago, Collins had been advising the Treasury on draft laws aimed[more...]