Ian received assistance from NDIS employment support to prepare for and secure employment.

Ian Fraser, a participant in the Palmerston NDIS, credited his employment supports for helping him secure a paid position at Bunnings. During his final years of school, Ian, who is now 20 years old, enlisted the assistance of YouthWorX NT, a Northern Territory service provider, to develop his life and employment skills. Reflecting on his transition from school, Ian, who has autism, admitted uncertainty about his career path but expressed a desire to be hands-on and helpful.[more...]

Airlines worldwide persist in navigating route disruptions stemming from the conflict between Iran and Israel.

Once again, tensions between nation-states erupted dramatically in the Middle East. On the night of April 13th, the Islamic Republic of Iran launched a barrage of hundreds of missiles and attack drones towards Israel. Such conflicts create an extremely hazardous environment for airlines, prompting them to reroute their flights away from the conflict zone. The tragic incidents of MH17 being shot down by a Buk missile over Ukraine in 2014 and the Iranian downing of Ukraine International[more...]

Australian airfares decline as flights in the country return to pre-pandemic capacity.

Just over four years since the global pandemic halted air travel, recent data from Flight Centre indicates that both domestic and international airline capacity in Australia has returned to 2019 levels. Despite this recovery, airfares continue to decrease. Flight Centre gathered these milestone figures from its FCM Travel and Corporate Traveller branches. Melissa Elf, Flight Centre Corporate Global COO, notes, "we're seeing this directly correlate to decreasing airfares, which is great news for our corporate travelers, who[more...]

Fuel prices experienced positive changes starting from Friday.

From Friday, there will be positive adjustments in fuel prices, with petrol decreasing by HUF 3 per liter and diesel witnessing an even larger reduction as petrol stations pay HUF 5 less to wholesalers. Anticipating that gas stations will pass on these discounts to vehicle owners, the projected average prices from April 12 are as follows: 95 petrol at HUF 641 per liter and diesel at HUF 653 per liter. Currently, until midnight on Thursday, the average[more...]

Lufthansa halts flights to Tehran amid developments in Iran.

On Wednesday, Lufthansa announced the suspension of flights to and from Tehran, citing the "current situation in the Middle East." This decision is expected to last until Thursday. Concurrently, Iranian news agency Mehr briefly heightened tensions by reporting on social media platform X, formerly Twitter, that all airspace over Tehran was closed for military exercises. However, the agency later retracted the report and denied sending such a message.

Ola, a competitor in the ride-share industry against Uber, is putting the brakes on its operations in Australia.

One of Uber's prominent rivals, Ola, is ceasing its operations in Australia, informing customers of its decision to "discontinue operations" in the country. According to an email sent to customers, the Indian company, one of the three main ride-sharing firms in Australia, will shut down its app on Friday, marking the end of over six years of operation. The Transport Workers Union expressed concern over the sudden closure and announced plans to request an urgent meeting with[more...]

In the recent turn of events, the ASX concluded the week on a downtrend following a decline in Wall Street amidst concerns over Federal Reserve rate adjustments, while IAG faced scrutiny due to allegations of staff underpayments.

The Australian stock market saw its third decline in four days, ending the abbreviated Easter trading week with a 1.6 percent decrease. Both Australian and major Asian markets experienced declines following a sharp drop in US stocks triggered by remarks from Federal Reserve officials hinting at potential rate cuts later this year or even in the next. In response to allegations of systemic underpayments, insurer IAG has compensated thousands of staff with a total of over $21[more...]

A South African supermarket chain is experimenting with GPS trackers on meat containers as a measure to discourage theft.

To combat theft, a South Australian supermarket chain has initiated a trial involving GPS trackers on packages of premium meat cuts at two of its locations. Drakes Supermarkets introduced these polycarbonate containers three weeks ago, aiming to prevent unauthorized removal from the store premises without payment. John-Paul Drake, the Director of Drakes Supermarkets, revealed on ABC Radio Adelaide that these containers are currently undergoing testing at the North Haven and Eyre stores, particularly with high-value meat items[more...]

Understanding the 2024 Bitcoin halving: Key considerations for investors

Between 2022 and 2023, global orange production faced a trifecta of challenges—disease, hurricanes, and drought—nearly halving yields and striking hard at Florida and São Paulo, regions contributing over 85% to global orange output. This led to a classic supply crunch scenario, with demand outstripping supply, and consequently, a surge in orange juice prices, hitting an all-time high in October 2023, up by over 80% from the previous year. Meanwhile, a similar scenario may soon unfold in the[more...]