“Unacceptable”: The CEO of Emirates issues an apology to passengers.

Emirates CEO Sir Tim Clark has penned a lengthy open letter to customers, expressing his apologies for “unacceptable” delays caused by record storms in Dubai. The 570-word apology follows the United Arab Emirates experiencing its highest rainfall in 75 years, which severely impacted one of the world’s largest airport hubs. The storm initially struck Oman, resulting in at least 20 fatalities, before hitting the UAE on Tuesday.

Dubai has witnessed over 1200 flight cancellations and 40 diversions since the onset of flooding, affecting Emirates, which is headquartered there. In the letter, Sir Clark acknowledged that their response to the situation had been “far from perfect.”

“We acknowledge and understand the frustration of our customers due to the congestion, lack of information, and confusion in the terminals,” he stated.

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