Which nuts are the healthiest for snacking? Here’s what health experts suggest.

Healthline has identified nine types of nuts that offer various health benefits. Here are the key insights from their findings:

Almonds: Rich in vitamin E, almonds support cellular communication, and immune function, and may promote beneficial gut bacteria while reducing LDL cholesterol levels.

Brazil nuts: High in selenium, which aids metabolism and thyroid function, Brazil nuts also provide significant amounts of vitamin E and magnesium.

Pecans: Zinc-rich pecans support immune function and DNA synthesis. A 2021 study indicated that they notably lower LDL cholesterol levels.

Walnuts: A good source of copper, walnuts are essential for energy production and blood vessel development in the body.

    In conclusion, while most nuts are healthy, moderation is key due to their calorie content. Mayo Clinic advises limiting portions and avoiding sweetened or salted varieties, as these additives may negate their heart-healthy benefits.

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