The tragic loss of over 150 cattle on a ship originating from Darwin raises concerns about a potential diplomatic crisis.

The loss of over 150 cattle on a ship from Darwin has sparked concerns about a potential diplomatic crisis. Following the tragic deaths of over 100 cattle on the Brahman Express voyage from Darwin, Indonesia has imposed a temporary ban on live cattle imports from a specific Australian property. This development has put the industry on edge, as it heavily relies on Indonesia for the purchase of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of live cattle annually.[more...]

Thailand is contemplating adjustments to its budget to accommodate a $13.7 billion handout scheme.

In Bangkok on March 29th, Thailand's government announced its intention to potentially adjust the 2025 fiscal budget to accommodate a significant 500 billion baht ($13.71 billion) handout scheme. Deputy Finance Minister Julapun Amornvivat hinted at forthcoming positive developments for the long-awaited program, known as the "digital wallet" handout plan. This initiative, a pivotal campaign pledge of the ruling party, aims to provide 10,000 baht to 50 million Thais for local spending but has faced delays due to[more...]

ASX closes higher following an unexpectedly positive day, buoyed by US markets wrapping up their best week of the year, while ANZ settles credit card class action — a summary of the day’s events.

Australian shares ended the first session of the week on a positive note, with Wall Street traders pausing on Friday after a significant surge in values. For more financial news and insights from our specialist business reporters, visit our blog. Please note that this blog is not intended as investment advice.

Gold and Silver Face Key Resistance in Q2 Technical Outlook amid Market Tension.

Gold began the first quarter of 2024 on a strong note, continuing the upward momentum from late 2023. The XAU/USD surged to new all-time highs, surpassing $2,150 and peaking at $2,222. Despite a slight pullback, the precious metal remains close to record levels. While the technical outlook for gold remains bullish, caution is warranted as the 10-week RSI indicator suggests possible overbought conditions. Rapid market extensions often lead to corrective pullbacks, albeit potentially temporary or minor. In[more...]

NASA’s upcoming mission to an ice-covered moon will include a message exchanged between two aquatic worlds.

Scheduled for October 2024, NASA's Europa Clipper spacecraft, bound for Jupiter's ice-covered moon Europa, will transport a laser-etched message celebrating humanity's affinity with water. This homage to previous NASA missions featuring similar messages was crafted with the assistance of Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence International (METI), a scientific entity dedicated to transmitting potent radio messages to potential extraterrestrial civilizations. I, serving as the president of METI International, collaborated with fellow linguists Sheri Wells-Jensen and Laura Buszard-Welcher, both members of[more...]

The pace at which AI chatbots are advancing exceeds that of computer chips.

The development of large language models (LLMs), which power AI chatbots, is progressing so rapidly that within eight months, a model requires only half the computing power to achieve the same benchmark score. This rate of improvement outpaces the typical advancement of computer chips, indicating that AI model developers are becoming more adept at achieving greater efficiency and intelligence, surpassing the trajectory of Moore’s law, which measures the rate of improvement in computer hardware performance.

An official stated that China is poised to be a pivotal force driving the global economic recovery.

During the opening plenary of the annual Boao Forum for Asia, Zhao Leji, the chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, stated that China intends to serve as a significant driving force for global economic recovery this year. He emphasized China's commitment to further opening its markets to foreign investors and fostering high-quality growth. Zhao also highlighted China's focus on making technological innovation a new engine of economic development and expressed the country's willingness[more...]

The M3 and M2 MacBook Air models from Apple are currently available at their lowest prices ever.

We consider Apple's latest MacBook Air to be the top choice for most users, and it's now available at an all-time low price of $999 on Amazon and B&H. This discount applies to the entry-level 13-inch model, featuring 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. It's $100 less than purchasing directly from Apple and $50 less than the recent sale price on Amazon. Please note that this deal is only valid for the Midnight and Space Gray[more...]

The cumulative losses incurred by foreign firms due to their withdrawal from Russia exceed $107 billion.

According to a Reuters analysis of company filings and statements, the corporate departure from Russia following its invasion of Ukraine in 2022 has resulted in foreign companies incurring over $107 billion in writedowns and lost revenue. Since the previous assessment in August of the previous year, the magnitude of losses has surged by one-third, emphasizing the significant financial blow to the corporate sector stemming from Moscow's invasion. Additionally, it underscores the abrupt departure of Western expertise from[more...]

The government has initiated a $1 billion investment in the construction of solar panels.

Australia has embarked on its initial strides toward reindustrialization as it shifts towards achieving a net-zero economy. Despite being among the top per capita consumers of solar energy globally, Australia only contributes one percent to the world's solar panel production, with China accounting for 90 percent of manufacturing and exports. However, on Thursday, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese unveiled a $1 billion initiative aimed at bolstering solar panel manufacturing within Australia. This commitment has garnered praise from environmental[more...]