For the first time, Ukraine observes Christmas on December 25, marking a departure from its previous tradition and signaling a distancing from Russia.

Christmas carried more than just spiritual significance for many Ukrainians this year, as the country observed it as a public holiday on December 25, diverging from the later date observed in Russia. This change, mandated by legislation signed by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in July, mirrors Ukrainians' discontent with the 22-month-old Russian invasion and underscores their assertion of a distinct national identity. While Ukraine is predominantly Orthodox Christian, the faith is divided between two churches, one of which[more...]

China is bolstering its private security presence to safeguard its overseas interests in regions characterized by hostility and instability.

When "Wolf Warrior 2" stormed through Chinese cinemas in 2017, the intense war thriller struck a chord with audiences unlike any previous film. Embracing fervent patriotism, it satisfied a nationalistic sentiment by portraying a lone Chinese hero confronting foreign mercenaries while rescuing compatriots. Beyond shattering box office records, it birthed the concept of "wolf-warrior diplomacy," characterized by official rhetoric and practices more confrontational than cooperative. Subsequent films capitalized on this nationalistic fervor, depicting valiant Chinese forces abroad.[more...]

A Singaporean tourist in a Kuala Lumpur mall had a Christmas tree unexpectedly fall on their head.

In Petaling Jaya, a Singaporean man's Christmas celebration took a distressing turn as he sustained injuries when a hanging decorative Christmas tree fell on his head from the ceiling of a shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur. Mr. Julius Lee, 44, was capturing moments of his wife Aileen Tan, and their child at Pavilion KL when the incident occurred. While Mr. Lee was outside the merry-go-round taking a family photo, a Christmas tree unexpectedly tumbled onto him. Aileen[more...]

Australia is moving towards implementing a ban on high-polluting vehicles.

The Australian government is set to ban the sale of certain high-polluting vehicles and reduce fuel additives as part of new regulations on fuel and emissions standards. These measures, effective from December 2025, compel automakers to ensure that new vehicles adhere to Euro 6d noxious emissions standards, aiming to cut down on pollution. The implementation of Euro 6d rules, already in place in major car markets worldwide, will also lead to modifications in a specific type of[more...]

The New South Wales government has approved for the construction of the Yanco Delta wind farm, a 1,500-megawatt project located near Jerilderie.

Despite concerns from nearby residents, the New South Wales government, under the Minns administration, has given the green light for the Yanco Delta project, marking the approval of one of the largest wind farms in the state. This 1,500-megawatt wind farm, situated near Jerilderie in the Riverina region, will consist of 208 wind turbines, each towering at a maximum height of 270 meters. The project is anticipated to generate enough electricity to power approximately 700,000 homes annually.[more...]

Following a court order mandating the payment of $217 million in defamation damages, Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor, and attorney, has filed for bankruptcy.

Days after being ordered to pay $217 million to two former Georgia election workers for false accusations of fraud following Donald Trump's 2020 election loss, Rudy Giuliani, once hailed as "America's mayor" for his post-9/11 leadership in New York, has filed for bankruptcy. Giuliani, no longer serving as Trump's lawyer, is burdened with debts stemming from his legal work for the former president and faces criminal charges in Georgia. In his filing with the US Bankruptcy Court[more...]

Introducing Magoo, the heroic helicopter pilot credited with rescuing 16 individuals stranded on a pub roof amid flooding in Far North Queensland.

Bret Little, the Far North helicopter pilot affectionately known as "Magoo," emerged as an unexpected hero when he saved more than a dozen lives from the rooftop of a pub engulfed by rapidly rising floodwaters. Despite not being initially called for the rescue at the Lion's Den Hotel, Magoo happened to be passing by while en route to pick up a policeman in response to reports of a possible drowning. As he flew over the submerged pub,[more...]

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In an unexpected turn of events, the swift-paced bowler Spencer Johnson transitioned from being a landscape gardener to an overnight IPL millionaire on Tuesday night. Despite the substantial sums earned by players like Pat Cummins ($3.67 million) and Mitchell Starc ($4.43 million) in the Indian Premier League auction, it was Johnson, another express-paced bowler, whose life underwent a sudden transformation due to the lucrative opportunities in T20 cricket. Johnson's $1.78 million windfall underscores the challenges faced by[more...]

From fostering greenery to instilling uncertainty in opposing batters, acquaint yourself with the newfound millionaire of Australian cricket.

Out of the blue, the rapid-paced bowler Spencer Johnson transformed from a landscape gardener to an overnight IPL millionaire on Tuesday night. Despite his sudden windfall of $1.78 million, Johnson has no plans to transition into a full-time Twenty20 freelance player. While Pat Cummins ($3.67 million) and Mitchell Starc ($4.43 million) secured staggering amounts in the Indian Premier League auction, Johnson's unexpected fortune sheds light on the challenges faced by cricket boards globally. In today's era, players[more...]

Apple’s attempt to postpone the sales prohibition of the Apple Watch has been unsuccessful.

In an update from the International Trade Commission filing, Apple's bid to delay an imminent import ban on certain Apple Watch models has been thwarted. Only a last-minute intervention from the White House could now prevent a temporary halt in the sales of these devices in the U.S. Responding to orders from the ITC in October, Apple had announced plans earlier this week to cease sales of the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2,[more...]