Here are seven effective strategies to achieve successful scalability for your startup:

Minimize the Impact of Human Error: Smart startups account for the potential for human error, including factors like emotion, impulse, and miscalculation. One effective approach to mitigate human error is strategic automation. For instance, Shopify automated various aspects of its e-commerce platform, such as inventory management, order processing, and marketing, to facilitate business scalability. Keep Your Ego in Check: Inexperienced leaders often fall victim to poor decision-making due to overconfidence and the "I won't fail" syndrome. While[more...]


There are several meanings available for the word MAGAZINE. Such as, A magazine is a Paper cover publication or periodical. A Magazine is a building used to store items such as guns, cartridges, and explosives. The Magazine is the component that houses the bullets in an automatic weapon. But this article is about the first meaning which is the “Paper Cover Publication.” Word Magazine was created by Edward Cave. It comes from the Arabic word “magazine” which means warehouse. Everything is[more...]