Colorado Lawmakers Set to Unveil Highly Anticipated Property Tax Relief Legislation

The much-anticipated property tax bill is set to be introduced early next week, providing a week for discussion in the General Assembly before its May 8 adjournment. Unlike previous bills, notably the unsuccessful 2023 legislation, this one has had the advantage of public scrutiny thanks to recommendations from the property tax commission, which has been meeting since last December. Since the repeal of the Gallagher Amendment in 2020, property taxes have surged, with some counties seeing increases[more...]

Colorado Wolf Reintroduced Dies in Larimer County; Calls for Lethal Management Grow

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently confirmed the discovery of a deceased gray wolf in Larimer County, Colorado, raising concerns within the state's wildlife management community. The wolf, one of the ten reintroduced to Colorado in December 2023, was found last week, with initial indications suggesting natural causes as the likely reason for its demise. However, further investigation, including a necropsy, is underway to determine the exact cause of death. The reintroduction of wolves to Colorado[more...]

Fostering Engagement, Productivity, and Motivation in the Modern Workplace -By Abdul Ghouse

In today's dynamic workplace, organizations are constantly striving to enhance engagement, boost productivity, and motivate their employees to go the extra mile. Let's explore some key insights and strategies to achieve these goals. Building Engaged Teams Question: What teams in the organization do you feel are most engaged? And why? Answer: Engaged teams are those that feel their contributions are meaningful and have a greater purpose. They are creative, their opinions are valued, and they have opportunities to make[more...]

Maytham Al-Khairulla

The shift from Globalization to Regionalization in the global supply chain I have been reading over the past weeks various authors trying to predict the global supply chain trends in 2023, the usual focus is on topics such as political instability/ wars and its impact on the commodities prices and availability; supply chain resilience, freight costs/ ports congestions, the impact of a potential global recession on demand and other topics such as Supply chain talents development and[more...]

Karan Patel

Head of Marketing & Commercial What teams in your organization are the most engaged and why? Engaged teams stem from feelings like inclusion, passion, a positive attitude towards work, open dialogue, and a sense of belonging. I believe that human resources are the most valuable resources for any organization. A strong talent pool holds the potential to drive an organization towards success. Therefore, every business must make conscious efforts to retain them. Employee engagement plays a very[more...]

Lori D. C. – Lori Coombs is the Founder and CEO of WWCM

INTRODUCTION Recipient of the 2022 NASA Robert H. Goddard Award in Mentoring, Lori D. Coombs is an experienced leader with over 20 years of working on Capitol Hill, the federal government, private and public sectors, she continues to serve in the capacity of a state-of-the-art leader on, and in, mission-critical Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber-Defense and Combative Systems, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C6ISR) programs. What teams in the organization do you feel are most engaged? And why?[more...]