Amazon’s robust first-quarter results are attributed to the performance of its cloud-computing division and the revenue generated from Prime Video advertisements.

In its Tuesday report, Amazon showcased impressive first-quarter results, driven by the growth of its cloud-computing division and the influx of advertising revenue from its Prime Video streaming service. The e-commerce giant, headquartered in Seattle, revealed a revenue of $143.31 billion for the first quarter of this year, marking a 13% increase compared to the corresponding period last year. Net income stood at $10.43 billion, or 98 cents per share, surpassing Wall Street analysts' expectations of 84[more...]

How to Enable Stolen Device Protection on iPhone Running iOS 17 and Beyond

While Apple's Find My iPhone feature already assists in locating your device, the company's new Stolen Device Protection offers an additional layer of security in case of theft. This feature is currently available on iOS 17.3 and later versions, and it helps safeguard your personal information by preventing unauthorized access in the event of an iPhone being stolen. To activate Stolen Device Protection on your iPhone for enhanced security, follow these four simple steps: Enabling Stolen Device[more...]

Arlo unveils its feature-packed Essential FHD Outdoor Security Camera, priced at $99.

Arlo introduces its latest addition to the affordable security camera lineup – the Essential FHD Outdoor Camera 2nd Gen, priced at just $99, available exclusively from Officeworks. This camera boasts full high-definition 1080p resolution and seamlessly connects to your home's Wi-Fi network, sending movement alerts directly to the Arlo companion app on your smartphone. Whether integrating with existing Arlo cameras or starting your home security journey anew, this model offers the flexibility to expand your setup and[more...]

The newly unveiled 2024 Porsche Cayenne GTS has been revealed along with its pricing details.

The 2024 Porsche Cayenne GTS has made its debut in Europe, available in both standard SUV and Coupe variants, ahead of its arrival in Australia expected in the third quarter of this year. Local pricing has been confirmed, starting at $209,600 for the Cayenne GTS SUV and $212,600 for the GTS Coupe (both excluding on-road costs). These prices represent relatively modest increases (less than $3000) compared to the previous equivalent GTS models, despite the extensive mid-life updates[more...]

Meta asserts that its latest AI model surpasses certain counterparts, yet its enhanced AI agents are causing confusion among Facebook users.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, introduced a new suite of artificial intelligence (AI) systems touted by CEO Mark Zuckerberg as "the most intelligent AI assistant that you can freely use." However, as Zuckerberg's team of enhanced Meta AI agents began interacting on social media this week, their peculiar exchanges highlighted the persistent constraints of even cutting-edge generative AI technology. For instance, one agent joined a Facebook moms' group to discuss its supposedly gifted child, while another[more...]

The inaugural prototype of the autonomous undersea vehicle, dubbed “Ghost Shark,” is now prepared.

The Australian government is set to introduce a sovereign, autonomous undersea capability through the Ghost Shark Program. Developed in collaboration with Defence and Anduril Australia, Ghost Shark will serve as Mission Zero (0) for the Advanced Strategic Capabilities Accelerator (ASCA), focusing solely on Defence's highest priorities with a clear pathway for innovation transition to capability. Ten Australian companies have joined forces with Anduril Australia to facilitate Ghost Shark's manufacturing, while 42 other Australian companies are poised to[more...]

WhatsApp reverted a minor design adjustment that caused uproar among users.

WhatsApp is set to reverse a controversial recent tweak to its design, which some users found unsettling. The alteration involved capitalizing the words "online" and "typing" in the indicators, a seemingly small adjustment that nonetheless elicited significant dissatisfaction from users. Many expressed their displeasure with the new appearance, with some finding it "icky" and others simply confused by the change. The closer proximity of the capitalized letters to the small profile images of online users or those[more...]

The Asian Development Bank predicts that China will continue to be the primary engine of global economic growth.

The Asian Development Bank asserts that China, despite its slowdown, will continue to be the primary catalyst for global economic growth. During a press conference for the bank's Asian Development Outlook report, ADB's chief economist Albert Park emphasized China's enduring significance in the Asia Pacific region, where it still contributes nearly half of the GDP. Park stated, "Although growth is moderating, and we are expecting it to continue moderating in the coming years… it’s likely to contribute[more...]

Forrester recommends IT leaders refrain from adopting the AI PC until 2025.

Forrester advises IT leaders to hold off on purchasing first-generation AI PCs in 2024 but to prepare for their adoption by 2025. The firm highlights that while AI PCs may not gain widespread traction in 2024 due to the lack of a "killer app" for average information workers, they anticipate a broader adoption trend in 2025 driven by factors like cost, security, privacy, and the impending end of Windows 10 support. Principal analyst Andrew Hewitt emphasizes that[more...]

Researchers discovered that Microsoft’s inadequate cloud security led to the exposure of internal company data.

Just a week after US federal agencies blamed Microsoft's corporate culture for its security flaws, a new security issue emerged: researchers found internal Microsoft data exposed on an Azure cloud server due to a lack of password protection. The data included Bing search engine info, passwords, code, and scripts. Microsoft took about a month to secure the data after notification, but the duration of exposure remains uncertain.