Top Black Friday offers from Apple to explore while shopping in Australia in 2023.

The highly anticipated biggest shopping week of the year has arrived, offering significant discounts on a range of Apple tech products. Whether you're looking for a MacBook, an iPhone, or a set of AirPods, now is the opportune moment to make a purchase, with exceptional deals that can result in substantial savings, sometimes amounting to hundreds of dollars. A standout offer is the chance to save $402 on the Apple 2023 MacBook Air 15.3-inch Laptop with M2[more...]

North Korea declared the successful launch of a spy satellite.

The state-run news agency KCNA reported that the satellite lifted off Tuesday night from North Phyongan province, accurately placing the reconnaissance satellite 'Malligyong-1' into its designated orbit. State media images depicted North Korean leader Kim Jong Un smiling and waving, surrounded by jubilant scientists and engineers in white uniforms, celebrating the successful launch. The United States led condemnation of the launch, deeming it a "brazen violation" of UN sanctions. South Korea responded by partially suspending a 2018[more...]

Apple sets its sights on AI and gaming with the introduction of turbocharged M3 chips and a new lineup of Macs.

After enjoying years of robust sales and grappling with persistent supply chain shortages that sustained high demand, computing vendors have found themselves in a more challenging position. Over the past few financial quarters, the computing industry has faced significant challenges, with many tech vendors witnessing substantial declines, often exceeding 20 percent. Despite these weak sales, market leaders are unwavering in their commitment to innovation. This is primarily driven by the ever-increasing demands for software and gaming performance,[more...]