There are several meanings available for the word MAGAZINE.

Such as,

  • A magazine is a Paper cover publication or periodical.
  • A Magazine is a building used to store items such as guns, cartridges, and explosives.
  • The Magazine is the component that houses the bullets in an automatic weapon.

But this article is about the first meaning which is the “Paper Cover Publication.”

Word Magazine was created by Edward Cave. It comes from the Arabic word “magazine” which means warehouse. Everything is in one package. A magazine can be defined as a journal or publication that appears on a regular basis, usually weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly. It contains articles, stories, photographs, quotes, recipes, fiction, advertisements, etc., and provides comprehensive and detailed coverage and analysis of the subject. A magazine, sometimes known as a periodical, is a printed or digitally distributed collection of texts.

The purpose of the magazine publishers 

  • To allow advertisers to interact with their readers about their products. 
  • For entertainment purposes.

History & facts of Magazine:-

  • The first English magazine, Gentleman’s Magazine, was published by Edward Cave in the year 1731 & it included everything from articles and poems to fiction and political comments.
  • The first American magazine was Andrew Bradford’s American Magazine and Benjamin Franklin’s General Magazine in 1741.
  • The first magazine for young girls, the Young Misses Magazine, was published in 1806.
  • The first famous American women’s magazine, Godey’s Lady’s Book, was published in 1830.
  • Time magazine was published in 1923, while Newsweek was published in 1933. The idea behind these magazines was to keep in touch with the fast-changing conditions around the world.
  • St Nicholas was the most popular children’s magazine.
  • Nowadays, the majority of publishers release their magazines in both printed and online formats.

Types of Magazine:-

Magazines can be classified under different types based on their priorities, interests, and topics as mentioned below:

Based on their topics Magazines can be classified into three major types; such as,:-

  1. Consumer Magazines

By those in the publishing industry, consumer publications are frequently referred to as “glossies.”

  1. Trade Magazines

Business-related topics are emphasized in the context of trade magazines, which focus on a variety of industries. A variety of subcategories fall under this category of professional magazines, just as consumer magazines.

  1. Industrial / Organization Magazines.

Organizational magazines are magazines created by companies or corporations to promote their brand, service, or enterprise.

Based on the interests and Target audience, Magazines can be classified into three major categories; such as,:-

  1. General Interest Magazine
  2. Special Interest Magazine
  3. Professional Magazine

Magazines of General Interest are the most common category of Magazine publishing. They cover a wide variety of subjects and are written for the general audience of ordinary everyday people. Popular topics in magazines of general interest are food, fashion, entertainment, sports, or homes and gardens. Magazines of general interest are usually available in every store and can be identified by the glossy cover with bold titles, illustrations, and advertisements. 

A special interest magazine is different from a general interest magazine because it focuses on subjects that are more relevant to that audience. A special interest magazine might focus on cooking, food presentation, or food photography as distinct topics, whereas a general topic magazine might cover various facets of food. A broad sports publication may cover a variety of sports, whereas a football-specific publication will only cover that sport. Similar to general interest publications, special interest magazines are generally accessible to the general public and are frequently found in stores or online.

Professional magazines are periodicals with an informative or educational focus since they provide information for specialized or niche groups of people working in a certain sector, such as doctors, salespeople, or aviation specialists. An organization frequently produces the in-depth articles that make up a professional magazine in order to better inform its members’ interests. Trade journals, as they are commonly known, provide news, information analysis, and skill-building articles for the expansion of knowledge and skill sets.

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