Thailand is contemplating adjustments to its budget to accommodate a $13.7 billion handout scheme.

In Bangkok on March 29th, Thailand’s government announced its intention to potentially adjust the 2025 fiscal budget to accommodate a significant 500 billion baht ($13.71 billion) handout scheme. Deputy Finance Minister Julapun Amornvivat hinted at forthcoming positive developments for the long-awaited program, known as the “digital wallet” handout plan. This initiative, a pivotal campaign pledge of the ruling party, aims to provide 10,000 baht to 50 million Thais for local spending but has faced delays due to funding challenges. The current plan for the 2025 fiscal budget entails 3.6 trillion baht in spending, with a deficit of 713 billion baht. Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin indicated that discussions regarding the funding source for the handout scheme would take place during the upcoming meeting on April 10, during which the plan’s specifics would be finalized. Additionally, Julapun mentioned the government’s intention to extend a diesel subsidy, slated to conclude in April, to alleviate public financial burdens.

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