A database containing 49 million records of Dell customers has been stolen and is now being offered for sale on the dark web.

Dell has confirmed that information regarding its customers and their orders has been stolen from one of its portals. While the thief claims to have taken 49 million records, now available for sale on the dark web, the IT giant has not disclosed how many individuals may be affected.

The stolen data reportedly includes individuals’ names, addresses, and details concerning their Dell equipment, excluding sensitive information like payment details. Nevertheless, the security breach compromised the portal.

“We recently identified an incident involving a Dell portal with access to a database containing limited types of customer information including name, physical address and certain Dell hardware and order information,” stated a Dell spokesperson to The Register today. “It did not include financial or payment information, email address, telephone number or any highly sensitive customer data.”

A report from the appropriately named Daily Dark Web at the end of last month suggested that as many as 49 million Dell customers might have had some of their account information compromised. The data reportedly encompasses purchases made between 2017 and 2024.

Based on a screenshot of a sample of the stolen information, the Dell database now available for sale on a cyber-crime forum includes columns such as service tag, items, date, country, warranty, organization name, address, city, province, postal code, customer code, and order number.

Dell stated that upon discovering the digital breach, it initiated an investigation, implemented measures to mitigate the damage, informed law enforcement, and enlisted the services of a third-party forensic firm.

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