In 2023, electric car sales experienced an impressive surge, nearly tripling in numbers. Concurrently, the ASX witnessed a decline in value amidst escalating tension in the Middle East, capturing the unfolding events of the year.

On Thursday, Australia’s stock market retraced its steps, influenced by declines in major US indices and heightened Middle East tensions due to bomb blasts in Iran. The latest data on new car sales for 2023 revealed a noteworthy upswing, particularly in the sales of electric cars.

Today, both the All Ords and the ASX 200 experienced a 0.3% decline, mirroring losses in major US indices overnight. Tensions escalated in the Middle East following bomb blasts in Iran. Wall Street futures are indicating a flat to uncertain outlook.

The delightful Kate Ainsworth returns from her summer break tomorrow and will be with you in the morning.

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