Ian received assistance from NDIS employment support to prepare for and secure employment.

Ian Fraser, a participant in the Palmerston NDIS, credited his employment supports for helping him secure a paid position at Bunnings. During his final years of school, Ian, who is now 20 years old, enlisted the assistance of YouthWorX NT, a Northern Territory service provider, to develop his life and employment skills.

Reflecting on his transition from school, Ian, who has autism, admitted uncertainty about his career path but expressed a desire to be hands-on and helpful. However, struggling with communication and lacking confidence, Ian found it challenging to engage with others. With the aid of occupational and speech therapies provided through his NDIS plan, along with guidance from his youth development coach, Keidan Holt, Ian began to overcome his shyness.

Keidan implemented regular one-on-one employment coaching sessions with Ian, establishing goals and outlining steps to achieve them. Together, they pursued various courses, including First Aid, Construction White Card, and Certificate I in Developing Independence. Ian gained valuable work experience in different settings, such as cabinet making, Coles, a garden center, and Woolworths, while also volunteering at various organizations.

An organized industry tour of Bunnings further fueled Ian’s desire to work there, as he gained insight into the store’s operations and culture. With support from his coach, Ian successfully secured a position at Bunnings, marking a significant achievement in his journey towards employment.

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