A South African supermarket chain is experimenting with GPS trackers on meat containers as a measure to discourage theft.

To combat theft, a South Australian supermarket chain has initiated a trial involving GPS trackers on packages of premium meat cuts at two of its locations. Drakes Supermarkets introduced these polycarbonate containers three weeks ago, aiming to prevent unauthorized removal from the store premises without payment. John-Paul Drake, the Director of Drakes Supermarkets, revealed on ABC Radio Adelaide that these containers are currently undergoing testing at the North Haven and Eyre stores, particularly with high-value meat items like Wagyu steaks, which can range from $50 to $100 per kilogram. Drake emphasized that if a customer were to inadvertently leave the store without paying for these premium meat products, the containers would trigger an alert to store staff. This initiative is anticipated to address the significant issue of theft, amounting to $12 million annually across Drakes stores. However, Drake acknowledged the associated costs, indicating that each container carries a price tag of $35. Nevertheless, he underscored the value of this measure, likening it to having constant security surveillance within the store premises.

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