Australians are compelled to resort to ‘dumpster diving’ as a consequence of the escalating expenses of groceries, as highlighted in testimony provided to a Senate inquiry.

Australians are resorting to “dumpster diving” as a response to the ever-increasing cost of groceries, as highlighted in testimony presented to a Senate inquiry in Tasmania. During the first of three public hearings regarding supermarket pricing held in Hobart, individuals shared their struggles to afford food, leading some to resort to stealing from Coles and Woolworths or even skipping meals altogether. Additionally, Amelia Cromb, representing the Grassroots Action Network Tasmania (GRANT), informed the Senate that supermarket giants are discarding “perfectly good produce that is fresh … on a daily basis,” which members of the public then scrounge for. Ms. Cromb emphasized the severity of the situation, noting that even nurses, who are studying full time and working in their profession, are forced to search bins for food, considering it the most economically and environmentally friendly means to obtain essential items. She underscored that this issue extends beyond food to include everyday items like toilet paper and underwear.

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