Furno secures $6.5 million in seed funding.

Furno secures $6.5 million in seed funding, led by Energy Capital Ventures and joined by O’Shaughnessy Ventures, Cantos, and Neotribe. Breakthrough Energy contributed to earlier, non-dilutive funding. The company plans to utilize the funds to further scale its technology, provide more customers with samples for feedback, and support the development of the Furno Brick.

Under the leadership of Gurinder Nagra, Furno is an environmentally-conscious startup dedicated to combating climate change with its innovative combustion technology. This technology significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with traditional cement production. Furno offers modular cement plants that can scale on demand at an affordable price point.

The introduction of the Furno Brick marks a significant milestone for the company. This end-to-end cement production unit incorporates a compact reactor, which, combined with Furno’s novel combustion technology, streamlines the process by integrating four stages into one unit. This not only reduces costs but also minimizes the carbon and physical footprint.

Furno’s kiln and combustion technology enable efficient cement production using gas-based fuels, leading to reduced CO2 emissions and the complete elimination of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulfur oxides (SOx).

Gurinder Nagra emphasized that Furno’s cement surpasses ASTM standards and is poised to exceed even higher commercial requirements. While many companies meet these standards and stop there, Furno continues to refine its process to meet the needs of significantly sized customers eagerly seeking sustainable solutions.

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