The decision by McDonald’s to go cashless has triggered a wave of outrage among disgruntled customers, who express their anger over safety concerns cited by the chain as the reason for the move.

Upset customers are considering boycotting McDonald’s after certain stores began transitioning to cashless payments. A photo shared by a customer displayed signs at the entrance of Clayton South McDonald’s in Melbourne, stating that only card payments would be accepted between midnight and 6 am for the safety of staff and customers.

Expressing frustration, the customer urged others to boycott the branch, stating, “Boycott this Maccas. I don’t come here that regularly, but I have been for years and (have) only seen this today.” When questioning the staff about the shift to cashless, the customer was dissatisfied with their response, mentioning, “I instantly questioned them why? They say because they were robbed. Either way, I don’t care, I’m paying cash regardless.”

This sparked a debate on social media, with some users supporting the move as a sensible measure to protect staff, while others shared the sentiment that going cashless posed inconvenience.

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