At CES 2024, Samsung introduces the world’s inaugural transparent MicroLED screen.

CES always brings a host of surprises, and during its First Look event, Samsung offered a glimpse of the world’s first transparent MicroLED display.

Although details on the cost and retail availability timeline remain undisclosed, Samsung presented three distinct transparent MicroLED displays during the event. Two of these demo units featured tinted glass, enhancing the viewer’s ability to overlook potential distractions behind the panels. The third variant appeared fully transparent like regular glass, accompanied by a frameless design. Witnessing Samsung’s transparent MicroLED displays in person is a unique experience, with content seemingly resembling a hologram suspended in mid-air. The freestanding demo units, measuring only about a centimeter thick, contribute to the illusion of a floating screen. The high pixel density of micro LEDs also ensures incredibly sharp images. While Samsung has currently shared only a single vertical video featuring EDM content, it offers a glimpse of the remarkable visual experience these displays deliver.

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