A significant announcement regarding Google Australia has been unveiled.

Google is on the brink of entering its “Gemini era,” as announced by CEO Sundar Pichai. This transformative shift sees Google doubling down on its generative AI platform, previously known as ‘Bard,’ now rebranded as ‘Gemini.’

The most significant change for Australians is the transition from Google Assistant to Gemini. Starting next week, Australian users of Google Assistant on Android devices will have the option to switch to Gemini, marking the most substantial evolution of Google Assistant since its inception in 2016. iPhone users will gain access to Gemini in the coming weeks.

Google Assistant, akin to Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa, currently handles basic inquiries and tasks such as toggling smart home devices. Gemini, however, will leverage generative AI to expand these capabilities.

With Gemini, users can vocally or textually request tasks such as generating personalized images for invitations, crafting Instagram captions for photos, or seeking information about an article. Notably, Gemini’s enhanced contextual understanding allows it to discern specific requests based on the surrounding context. For instance, it can identify which photo needs a caption or which article the user is referring to.

Google asserts that Gemini can even assist with practical scenarios, such as providing guidance when faced with a flat tire by analyzing a photo taken at the roadside. Unlike Google Assistant, Gemini taps into a broader context to better comprehend user queries and deliver tailored responses.

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