BrainChip demonstrates AI-driven human behavioral analysis using Akida neuromorphic computing.

BrainChip, renowned for its neuromorphic computing capabilities, has teamed up with NVISO Group Ltd., specialists in AI software for human behavior analysis. Together, they showcased an AI-driven system for real-time human behavioral analysis at CES 2024, marking a collaboration with potential applications across consumer electronics, surveillance, and automotive sectors.

The partnership leverages BrainChip’s Akida IP and processors, based on neuromorphic computing, to enhance AI efficiency, particularly in pattern recognition and sensory data interpretation. Meanwhile, NVISO Group Ltd. contributes its expertise in human behavior analysis software, covering a wide range of behaviors such as facial recognition, emotion detection, identity verification, and various interactions.

Virpi Pennanen, CEO at NVISO Group, explains, “In our quest to enable machines to understand human behavior, we have partnered with BrainChip to develop a high-performance system for efficient human interaction with intelligent systems.”

BrainChip’s Akida platform, featuring event-based neural processors, represents a leading-edge solution for accelerated AI processing at the edge. Offering low power consumption and real-time processing, it addresses limitations associated with traditional deep learning networks, particularly beneficial for biometric applications like facial recognition.

To expand accessibility to Akida technology, BrainChip has relaunched its product shopping portal for pre-orders of the Akida Edge AI Box. Developed in collaboration with VVDN Technologies, this hardware box caters to various sectors such as retail, security, automotive, transportation, and industrial manufacturing, empowering customers to deploy intelligent, secure, and customized devices and services in multi-sensor environments in real-time. Sean Hehir, CEO at BrainChip, expresses excitement about the launch, stating, “We are thrilled to bring this groundbreaking technology to market and empower customers in developing and deploying intelligent, secure, and customized devices and services.”

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